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Scenario Based Training Programs

Training is Extremely Important

Training personnel for various scenarios (such as active shooter, hostile customers, loss provention, etc.) is a basic requirement.

We have several different styles of scenario based training programs available. This includes […]

Scenario and Opposing Force Training

Help limit mistakes & liability | Promote professionalism | Retain Knowledge

Background Checks and Drug Testing
Background Checks
Standard background checks, pre-employment checks and rentals background checks can help you narrow down possible canidates for a variety of positions and help eliminate possible issues in the future [...]
On Site Drug Testing
Our "On-Site" and Lab based drug screening is great for employment concerns as well as answering concerns for a family member that you suspect is under the influence [...]
ORM Security Services
Uniformed Security
Uniformed Security
A professional and visible presence helps prevent crime from occuring.
Plain Clothes Security
Plain Clothes Security
Sometimes, discretion is key. Plain clothes security officers are able to blend into an environment […]
Vehicle Patrols
Vehicle Patrols
A highly visible and mobile method of patrolling large and multiple properties, including parking lots, malls and more.
Event Security
Event Security
Sports games, concerts, political events, conventions, fairs, weddings, and more.