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About Operational Risk Management Ltd.

Protecting everything that matters most

Operational Risk Management Ltd. was founded in 2017 to provide Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania businesses with highly trained and skilled security officers. In fact, 92% of our employees are prior law enforcement, prior service military, or former federal employees (within the field of security operations) and our founders consist of a former agent with the Department of Homeland Security and a former federal law enforcement officer and enlisted soldier with the United States Army.

ORM Divisions

Operational Risk Management Ltd. (ORM) has established several divisions within the company to best serve our clients.

  • Unarmed Private Security Division
  • ORM's Unarmed Division is focused to provide security operations to clients that prefer security officers that are more discreet with their daily operations.

  • Armed Private Security Division
  • ORM's Armed Division is focused to provide security operations to clients that are in higher or more violent crime areas. Our Armed Security Officers are highly trained, screened and professional.

  • Protective Services Division
  • ORM's Protective Services Division delivers the expertise to manage and help prevent risks posed towards Corporate CEOs, Corporate Executives, Celebrities, Athletes, Politicians, prominent families, high-net worth individuals and other VIPs.

  • OPFOR (Opposing Force) Division
  • The OPFOR (Opposing Force) Division of ORM is specifically tasked with representing the ‘enemy’ in force on force training scenarios. The OPFOR Division is used by both in house by ORM and ‘out of house’ law enforcement and military organizations to allow officers and members of the military to train in live-action, reality based scenarios. The dynamic training environment allows both small scale and large scale scenarios. OPFOR members can be used as the ‘enemy’ or ‘suspect’ in situations like active shooter, high-risk warrant/raid, barricaded suspect, hostage, felony stop, and multiple other scenarios.

  • EFD (Emergency Fleet) Division
  • The EFD or Emergency Fleet Division is responsible for providing quality installation and consultation services for public and private emergency services. We also provide decommissioning services for agencies wishing to retire and auction old emergency vehicles to the public.

  • SRU (Special Response) Division
  • The SRU or Special Response Division uses specialized or military equipment and tactics to handle riot control, violent confrontations with criminals, deploy against threats of terrorism and other “high-risk” operations. Members of the ORM SRU are required to be prior service military or law enforcement, endure extensive background checks as well as pass multiple psycholgical and fitness tests.