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Crime Map and Stats

Crime Map and Stats

Around May of 2019, Operational Risk Management Ltd. decided to start doing crime tracking for our main area of operation in order to get a better picture of the overall pattern of crime.

As of right now (Aug, 2019), we have well over 1,000 calls for service within our area. These calls include, drug activity, weapons activity, domestic disputes/violence, assaults, menacing, missing persons, threats, criminal damaging, trespassing, thefts, shoplifting, disorderly conduct, identity theft/fraud, harassment, unwanted persons, stolen vehicles, child endangering, suspicious activity, fights, burglary, petty theft, criminal damaging, criminal mischief and more.

Below, you will find an interactive Google Map that shows the general vicinity of the report as well as a quick reference icon for what the call was for. Clicking on the icon will open a side bar listing the description of the call and the date on which it occurred.

Please understand that this project is ongoing and also understand that there is a very large amount of data that must be retreived, verified and embedded. The 'Local Crime and Calls for Service Map' will be updated when possible, so please check back at later dates to see the progression.

Local Crime and Calls for Service Map - Currently covering March 2019 - August 2019


The above interactive map contains information compiled by Operational Risk Management Ltd. and is intended for information and educational purposes only. While we strive to include as much and as accurate information as possible, we cannot be held liable for inaccurate infromation listed by the multiple sources that we utilize in order to populate this data.

This map is not to be replicated or used for commerical publication or rebroadcast without the expressed, written permission of Operational Risk Management Ltd. (ORMOhio).