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6 Ways Regular Security Visits Can Save You Thousands

6 Ways Regular Security Visits Can Save You Thousands

Even with surveillance cameras and alarm systems, you might still need additional security, especially after hours.

This is where regular security visits help. A security guard can drive by to look for anything suspicious and then come back later to do so again.

Whether it’s just driving through a dealership’s parking lot or walking the perimeter at a business, security visits help save you thousands every year.

  1. Deter Thefts
  2. Car dealerships are always vulnerable after hours and are one of the top businesses that utilize regular security visits as part of their security strategy.

    With 156 auto thefts every day, there is a reason to be concerned. While that number applies to all auto thefts, not just dealers, some dealers have lost millions due to area theft rings. Having regular security visits could have easily prevented those thefts. This doesn't just apply to the vehicles themselves but also their parts (such as wheels & tires, catalytic convertors, etc.) as some of the parts are much harder to trace.

    When you have a security officer randomly coming back to the location, thieves don’t know when it’s safe to try and steal something. This applies not only to dealerships, but all businesses.

  3. Catch Criminals In The Act
  4. Sometimes criminals check out your security long before they act; this is called 'Scouting a location'. They’ll visit your business and see where cameras are angled, take note on hiding places, look for areas that are poorly lit and watch for security officers. What they may never notice are security visits; especially if some of those visits are made by plain clothes security officers.

    This allows a security officer to catch criminals in the act and immediately contact law enforcement. This drastically reduces what’s stolen and ensures the criminals are caught and made to pay for their crimes. Additionally, it may also help cut down on future crimes after the police are able to investigate the theives' known associates and methods of selling stolen property.

  5. Uncover Security Vulnerabilities
  6. Did someone leave a door open? Maybe they turned off lights they shouldn’t have. Unless someone is there to double-check, you could have numerous security vulnerabilities that just invite criminals in.

    For instance, an unlocked back door allows criminals access to your entire business. Without visits or an on-site security guard, they could easily get away before your alarm system is able to get local law enforcement on the scene.

    Depending on what’s stolen, a single theft could result in thousands in loss. Theft isn’t something to take lightly. In Northeast Ohio alone, there are over three thousand reported thefts per 100,000 people.

  7. Make Employees Feel Safer
  8. Most of the time, you think of employee turnover as something that happens when employees don’t get the raise they want or don’t like their job. However, it also happens if they don’t feel safe. Trying to train new employees for the same job over and over costs you both time and money.

    For employees who have to work late or come in much earlier than others, they’ll feel much safer knowing there are regular security visits. They can even schedule when they go in or leave based on when the security officer will arrive.

    It’s a good idea to do this for your employees if you’ll know when they’re leaving. For multiple employees, you could schedule them to leave or come in early in batches, such as five leaving at 8 PM and four leaving at 10 PM.

    Additionally, security officers can escort any of your employees that are responsible for bank withdrawls and/or deposits. Protect your employee and your livelihood at the same time.

  9. Compliment Surveillance Cameras
  10. Surveillance cameras are great, but criminals also know how to avoid them and how to disable them. Plus, if no one is actively monitoring the cameras, you won’t know that anything has happened until it’s too late.

    Thanks to regular security visits, you have another layer of security. They might see something that your cameras are missing, such as a theft going on just a few feet outside the range of your cameras or even on a neighboring property.

  11. Reduce Vandalism
  12. Thefts aren’t the only cause for concern. In fact, vandalism can cost your business or dealership just as much, if not more, than theft. For instance, depending on how a nagative experience may occur, a person might come back after you close to vandalize or attempt to destroy several cars.

    Regular security visits help deter the chance of vandalism. Instead of acting upon their impulse, they see the officer drive through and decide it’s not worth getting caught.