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Operational Risk Management Radio Programming Service


Programming radios can be daunting and convoluted, in addition to time consuming. Whether you are a small group of filmmakers or a large corporation, let us handle your programming needs.

This service includes up to 48 conventional frequencies (3 zones of 16 channels per zone) (if applicable). Applicable features such as man-down, emergency, call lists and talk around are included but must be specified. Additional channels/zones can be purchased in groups of 16.

If you don't see your radio listed, email us and we'll let you know if we can program it.

How does this work?

First, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us before ordering this service.

Once an order is placed, properly package your radio(s) and ship it/them to us. Please include a list of desired frequencies, zone information and desired settings with your radio(s). For companies/corporations, also include a copy of your FCC authorization paperwork or provide us with your FCC Callsign.

After we receive your package, we will test the radio(s) to ensure that they are free of any transmission issues (this is typically only an issue with used and/or surplus radios) and if it/they test as they should, we will program it/them based on your desired and included settings. After the radio(s) is programmed, we will verify the settings and then ship it/them back to you; insured with tracking data and Signature delivery.

Why choose ORM for radio programming?

While we have the capability to program a variety of different radio systems, we specialize in older radios that aren't generally supported by most shops today. Radios such as the Motorola MT series and XTS series are readily available from surplus but are past their 'end of product life'. This means that a lot of programming shops/resellers will not want to program the radio in an attempt to push you towards new radio purchases. We, on the other hand, kept all of the cables and software for these older radios. And since we only perform programming (we don't sell radios), we have no issues with keeping those radios in service (just not for public safety use).


There are restrictions with this service. Anyone requesting law enforcement, fire department, other emergency service or military frequencies must include authorization from their command, on an official letterhead. This information will be verified.

Those lacking authorization will either be returned with refund or will be programmed in “Receive Only” which prohibits illegal transmission from the radio(s). This will basically turn it into a very narrow 'scanner' for the restricted frequencies. Radios returned with refund will be charged a $8.95 handling fee. We will contact those without authorization to discuss which direction should be taken.

This service does not cover trunking systems or systems with encryption. Requests to generate systems and authentication keys will be reported to the authorities.