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Background Checks for Rentals

Protect your property with a background check

Renting out property or equipment can always be a gamble. Help protect those investments by having us screen potential renters before problems start to arise.

Our Rental Checks program covers five main areas:

  • Criminal History
    • Check for prior arrest or convictions
    • Check for outstanding warrants
    • These checks can be made at the State level and the Federal level
  • Criminal Activity
    • Check for activity that hasn't yet been noticed by law enforcement
  • Credit Check
    • See if they have a history of being financially responsible
  • Employment Verification
  • References Verification

These checks help you to have a better understanding of your potential renters before you enter into contracts and/or negotiations. It is an added piece of mind to help you during your selection process which can possibly save you thousands of dollars in the long run.